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Personalized, cheap and suitable tuition in IT topics, English and French languages for all.

Graphic Design

We convey your message in an appropriate and unique way. Let's work on your brand!

Content Creation

We prepare videos, powerpoints, reports and any sort of document you need. Documenting made easier!

Web Development

Having a website ensures you are known worldwide and makes your services more legitimate and accessible. Let's make yours!


Relax! We run your errands, deliver your packages and assist you in your daily activities. Don't panick, you have an extra hand!

One thing I know about Cindy Plug is that they always deliver. When they give you their word, they respect it, no matter what it entails for them.

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Nkabiwa Daisy


Here at Cindy Plug, we are insightful, curious and kind.

The main reason for this website is Sharing. Sharing what we know, our talents, our skills, our thoughts and even a piece of our minds.
This website is also aimed at proposing our services and facilitate the lives of all those who might solicitate us at some point. All of this, thanks to the fact that, we understand people’s needs perfectly and hence we can satisfy them. 
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The best time was years ago. The second-best time is now. You have been planning; now act!

Wansi Cindy, CEO of Cindy Plug