Wansi Djomamo, Cindy Clara, is the CEO and brain behind Cindy Plug. She is a young, intelligent, ambitious, and hardworking Cameroonian. She developed an interest in technology when she was still a kid, and she has never relented her efforts to become the tech lady she is today. This site is mostly an opportunity for her to share her passions, journey, skills, work, objectives, and most importantly, the services she and her team offer.

You will also have a piece of her mind on different aspects of life, as she is very sensitive to the situation of her country and all the things plaguing the world in general and hindering us all from being genuinely happy and fulfilled.

You will notice that our content will mostly be tech-related. Tech is so exciting and makes life so easy for us that it is sad that most people are still so ignorant about the limitless possibilities this field offers. We are here to reduce the level of ignorance as much as possible, and we are going to show you how technology and tech solutions greatly impact our daily activities.

In summary, our main aim is to facilitate your lives and make you fall in love with technology.
Cindy Plug is available and at your service. Check out our blog page so you don't miss any updates. It is a great pleasure for us to host you here, and feel free to contact us at any point in time.

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Our Mission

Share information and thoughtful insights. We are here to share everything we know with you so as to facilitate our daily activities and ease our work.

Our Values

The most important word in our vocabulary is Satisfaction. We do not relent our efforts until you are satisfied and we make guarantee utmost respect throughout the whole process.