Read me!

All services are executed after both parties (client and service provider) have come to an agreement.
We ask our customers to be as clear as possible on what they want, give clear instructions and be respectful and courteous.
We reserve ourselves the right to pursue or terminate a contract.
The customer has two days after both parties have come to an agreement to annul the contract. Past these two days, no reimbursement is possible.
We ask our customers to make a first deposit of 30% of the agreed amount to seal the contract. The final product is delivered only when the total amount has been paid.
In case, the service provider annuls the contract at any point in time irrespective of the reasons, a total reimbursement of the deposited amount will be done.
Take note that once the final product is submitted, no modification is possible. The client has the right to a maximum of three modifications before delivery of the final maquette.
Those interested in tuition will receive documents explaining how we draw our curriculum and decide our programs. Remember that all programs are personalized to suit the needs of the client. Fees and payment methods are reserved for the discretion of parties involved.
Both parties have the obligation to respect all the terms of agreement and the client should therefore ask all necessary questions for a thorough and clear discussion.
Thanks for your understanding.