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Cindy plug offers a variety of services as that’s what their name entails. A plug is someone you can count on at anytime for help. We provide services but most importantly; we provide information. We even connect you to those you need.

As always, You can ask me..!

We are open 24H/24, 7D/7  

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The most important fuel behind Cindy plug is the zeal to empower others. For this, we propose personalized courses. We teach various subjects such as; Computer Science, English Language, French, Programming for kids, Web development and a lot more. We also accompany students with their revisions. Please note that our mode of teaching is adapted to adults, teenagers as well as children who are at least 6 years old.

With our 03 years experience, we assure you that you will be guided and made to understand. We do not relent our efforts until we meet our goals with you.

Online / Onsite

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Graphic Design

Infographics make up a big part of today’s life as we need a way to convey information, catch attention and sell our brands as quickly as possible. We all need a befitting image and your favorite plug is here to propose you the best designs and ideas.

We understand your needs, make your imagination a reality and make sure you get what you want. Flyers, logos, business cards, banners, ads etc…

Take a look at our portfolio.

We assure you a 100% satisfaction at the cheapest rate possible.

From 10,000 FCFA

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Content Creation

Do you need an article, a report, a project, a business proposal, a post, any other file? We facilitate your life and do these for you. Even if you are unsure of what you want, we guide you towards one and bring it to life.

The best advantage with entrusting us with your work is that we are both French and English literate. We are also perfectionists and we handle all our tasks with care and make sure no mistakes or errors of any form are found in our texts. We also listen to your critics and are always ready to modify any details.

From 15,000FCFA

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Web Development

If you ask me, in today’s society, everyone should have a website. Indeed, the number of entrepreneurs keeps rising everyday. Different types of enterprises, services, companies are created everyday across the world but still, these entrepreneurs neglect their online presence. How do you expect to gain notoriety if you can’t be found on the internet. Think globally and be discoverable.

Of course, you do not have to stress about that, your favorite plug is here to build you a befitting and deserving website. Clear, straightforward and efficient. S.E.O techniques are implemented so that users found you amongst the millions of websites that exist.

From 150,000FCFA

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We often feel confused about a lot of things. Especially when we are new somewhere and don’t really know how to do or obtain something. The aim of this service is to spare you the anxiety or stress we develop from thinking too much. This is mostly targeted at shy and inexperienced people. Do you need a guide, a different approach, an information, someone to run your errands or just someone to talk to or move around with you from time to time? Cindy plug does that too. You, your thoughts, your items and anything you wish to share are safe with us.

We value people and we understand that people are different and could necessitate different needs. We are highly empathetic, understanding, kind and sensible to your needs. We are not an AI with programmed answers but humans with emotions, fears and feelings just like you!

Commissions required!

Why Cindy plug

We create a smooth harmony between your thoughts, your ideas, your needs and our work.

We make sure you’re satisfied and do not give up until you are. 

Our customer care is also top notch. We give respect you throughout the process and respect our deadlines. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we notify you immediately and find a solution together.

3 Years Experience

Dedicated Support

5 Star Rating